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Showcase Your Skills to Employers!

Do you have the experience but feel like you don’t have the education for the job? Do you send out a lot of resumes but never get called for an interview? Do you want to learn how to explain your knowledge, skills, and abilities to prove yourself in an interview? This program will help you identify skills that are relevant to the job you want and teach you how to articulate those skills and strengths to employers.

Program Highlights

5-Day Competency Portfolio Development Workshop

Identify your competencies: skills, strengths and attributes

Build confidence in telling your story and speaking about your competencies

Support with your job search and paid job placement

What are competencies?

Competencies are sets of actions and behaviours needed to achieve results or reach a goal. They are the combination of knowledge, skills, abilities and other attributes that lead to successful performance on the job.

Why develop a portfolio?

A portfolio is a career management tool that can showcase your competencies to employers by providing evidence of your knowledge, skills, abilities, and other attributes. A well organized portfolio can help you identify your strengths and tell your story!

I never knew I had this many skills! This portfolio workshop guided me to recollect stories from my life, that I thought were insignificant to my professional profile, but that in fact turned out to be beneficial attributes. The workshop really challenged my mindset from day one and helped me understand my own life experience from a different perspective. I now feel completely confident in communicating my strengths in a professional setting.


I am so glad I took this workshop! I have come away from this workshop feeling very positive. I am motivated to explore the opportunities that are out there with the tools that we were given. Identifying new skills and rediscovering existing skills through the ‘prove it’ method of storytelling was powerful and really helped build and strengthen my self confidence! It has taught me to look at my experiences (both good and bad) and identify the skills I gained from them and the skills I can work on developing and strengthening. Creating a personalized skills portfolio that brings together, demonstrates and presents my skills is a game changer! It’s a living document (both digital and hard copy) that will grow with me and help me communicate my skills to others. I recommend this workshop to anyone who is exploring a change in their career or isn’t sure what they are ‘good at’ as it helps in deciding which direction to take. It opens up possibilities and that is priceless. Thank you Nicole, Kelly, Kate, Louise, my ‘classmates’ and VCCS!


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